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Stickman Boxing – Jab, Cross, and Uppercut Your Opponent

by Soha Sehzadi
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Play this free online stickman boxing game that requires skill and bravery to become a true champion. Master jabs, crosses and uppercuts while adding devastating Special Punches to your arsenal.

Throw this combination to get your opponent’s hands up in front of their face and then exploit the new opening with a powerful left hook. Vary the speed of this combination to make it more difficult to block.


The jab and cross are two of the most fundamental punches in any boxer’s arsenal. In this video, FightCamp Co-Founder Tommy Duquette teaches you how to throw these basic punches.

A jab is a quick punch that uses your lead hand to keep your opponent at bay and set up combinations. A cross is a power punch using your rear hand (right for an orthodox boxer, left for a southpaw) that can deliver much more damage than a jab.

The jab-cross is often the first combination taught to beginners and a staple in any professional boxer’s repertoire. It is also a good way to find out if your opponent is open and vulnerable.


The jab is a powerful punch that should be in every boxer’s arsenal. It allows the fighter to control range and probe for/provoke reaction. It’s also a great way to build upper body strength with some focused pad work and heavy bag workouts.

The rear uppercut (also called the “pirate hook”) is a powerful punch that should be used in a combination as well. Like the straight right and left hook it is a very effective way to hit your opponent’s face or body with devastating power.

Free Stickman Games requires skills to dodge your opponents’ attacks and tee off on them with a series of 1-2 counter combinations. Knock them out and become the champion!

Jab-Right Cross

A powerful combination that can be used to put an opening in your opponent’s defenses or to cut the distance. The jab forces your opponent to raise their guard while the cross, thrown with the right hand (left for southpaws), can hit hard and fast.

To throw a proper right cross you have to rotate your body and generate the power of the punch through the hips. This is why you need to use your back foot to pivot and distribute the weight. From this position you can then throw a power punch to the head or to the body depending on the situation.

Jab-Left Cross

Just like the jab, the cross is a power punch. This combo is useful when you are close to your opponent as it gives you the chance to quickly follow up with a left hook.

To properly throw a cross, you must first twist your body transferring the power from the back foot to the front. This will give the punch its power and make it more effective.

Then, as your fist hits the target, you should tighten it right away upon impact. This will give the punch its force and help you KO your opponent. Practice this punch technique and get ready to become a champion in the ring!

Jab-Left Hook

This combination is best used when fighting inside as it forces your opponent to respect both the jab and the uppercut. If they aren’t careful, a quick left hook could slip under their chin and cause them to lose balance.

The cross is another popular punch in boxing that is commonly paired with a jab in a “one, two” combo. Like most strikes, the power of a cross comes from contorting the body to generate kinetic energy through the legs, hips, torso, shoulder and wrist before striking the opponent.

A good way to practice the jab and cross is by using a speed bag. When you are comfortable with this combination, you can then start playing around with the speed of your cross.

Jab-Right Hook

The right hook is the marketing content that asks for something from your audience — like a sale, a subscribe, or a donation. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, who wrote Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, a business’s right hook should match the tone of its jabs.

To throw a right hook, the boxer shifts their body weight back onto the lead foot and generates kinetic energy from the rotation of the hips, torso, and shoulder, swinging the lead fist horizontally toward the opponent. The boxer may also pivot on the front foot for additional power. This punch can be thrown at close range or from a longer distance.

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