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Wondering which mechanical keyboard to choose

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When it comes to a mechanical keyboard, there are many factors to consider. These include the amount of weight it holds, the type of keys it offers, the number of keys, and the sound quality. For some people, a mechanical keyboard is a necessity for a great gaming experience. If you’re not a fan of playing computer games in your free time, a mechanical keyboard may not be right for you. However, if you enjoy playing computer games and want to stay ahead of the game, a mechanical keyboard could be the right choice for you.

Ducky’s One series

Ducky’s One series mechanical keyboard has a lot to offer. Not only is it affordable, it’s also available in a wide variety of color schemes. In addition, it has a range of features that are useful for a number of gamers.

The Ducky One is a programmable keyboard, which allows you to map macros on the fly. You can also use the keyboard’s N-key rollover feature to assign commands to multiple keys at the same time.

In terms of customization, Ducky’s One series keyboard is well designed. It comes with a keycap puller, which allows you to swap out your switches easily without having to deconstruct the board. Besides, the keycaps are of good quality.

Das Keyboard Model S

The Das Keyboard Model S is a professional mechanical keyboard that is designed for Mac users. It uses Cherry MX Blue switches to deliver a clicky tactile feel for accurate typing.

It’s easy to use, and it includes media-control keys for playing music or video. It’s also a good choice for workers who spend a lot of time on the phone.

In addition to the Cherry MX switches, it features a 2-port USB pass-through, making it easier to connect to a computer and laptop. And there’s even a special function key to allow you to adjust brightness.

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional offers a professional look with a 104-key layout. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for a streamlined design. Plus, it has a solid plastic outer shell and PCB with a steel plate.


GMMK Pro is a hot-swappable modular mechanical keyboard that can be upgraded to meet your unique needs. The keyboard’s features include 16.8 million RGB colours, a fully customizable side lighting panel, and a metal frame that keeps it sturdy and reliable.

It also has a knurled knob that feels like a mouse scroll wheel. Whether it’s used as a volume control or a mute button, the GMMK Pro knob has defined tactile steps.

Aside from the knurled knob, GMMK Pro is also notable for its per key RGB lighting. These colours can be arranged in different modes. This is a feature you don’t often see on lower-end custom-built boards.

GMMK Pro also sports a gasket-mount plate. These are a bit divisive since it may not be ideal for aggressive typing.


One of the best ways to improve your typing speed is to invest in a good mechanical keyboard. Compared to membrane or wireless keyboards, these devices provide full-size layouts with fast key response. However, their cost can be a little steep. A great alternative is the Topre mechanical keyboard.

There are two kinds of Topre mechanical keyboards. The first is the RGB model. It features RGB backlighting and customizable function keys. This makes it great for gaming, but it might not be the best choice for typing.

The second is the ‘Realforce’ model. It comes with a steel plate and a frame for extra durability. It’s also got a nice matte grey finish, and a contoured frame. Unlike other RGB keyboards, it doesn’t show any flexing when you press the keys.


The Das Keyboard X50Q is a mechanical keyboard with a rugged design. It features RGB lighting that’s perfect for gaming in the dark. In addition to that, the software is easy to use.

The Das X50Q’s switches are made with a low actuation force, making them great for a quiet typing experience. They also provide good tactile feedback.

Das X50Q’s textured WASD keycaps are silver with red highlights. Each keycap uses high quality ABS plastic, so you’ll get the best possible feel and durability.

The X50Q has a slanted wrist rest. While the wrist rest isn’t padded, it does have a smooth, plastic finish. However, it’s not as comfortable as other wrist rests.

The keyboard’s top plate uses hex-screws and anodized aluminum. It includes N-key rollover. A volume dial is also included.

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